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10 Little Rubber Ducks

Reviews 4 stars
10 Little Rubber Ducks


Author: Eric Carle

When a storm strikes a cargo ship, ten rubber ducks are tossed overboard and swept off in ten different directions. Based on a factual incident.
Your child will love this fantastic book. Written by Eric Carle and the publisher is HarperCollins. The children book went on sale around June of 2005. The book is centered on Sound effects books as well as Animals, Ducks and Toys and it is thought of as wonderful specimens. This version is the 1st ed. has 36 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pages, add to cart by clicking the weblink below. ASIN: 0060740752

"Ducks overboard! But, as the sun sets, the 10th tiny rubber duck is left all alone, bobbing helplessly on the big wide sea. The 10 little rubber ducks are swept away in a number of directions. A whale sings to yet yet another."shouts the captain, as a giant wave washes a box of 10 tiny rubber ducks off his cargo ship and into the sea. One drifts west, exactly where a friendly dolphin jumps over it. Small readers and listeners will empathize with the little duck's plight -- and will rejoice at the heartwarming surprise ending.

In this poignant and funny story, illustrated with strikingly designed collages, Eric Carle also takes readers on an exciting voyage of discovery. Following the little ducks as they float to all parts employing the globe, young explorers can see for themselves the meanings of directional words, and learn simple math concepts such as counting and also the use of cardinal and ordinal numbers. Each creature the ducks meet is noticed in its own habitat and behaves in a true-to-life manner, offering a really simple first view of biology and geography.


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