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Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too ?

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Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother


Author: Eric Carle

When you are wishing to buy a book We've put together some information. Please read Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? written by Eric Carle! The author is Eric Carle and it was published by HarperCollins. The book became available in March of 2005. The book has 32 pages. It's dimensions are 0.1"H x 8.9"L x 10.94"W and it has a weight of 0.33 lbs. If you need a copy of this book for your kids, check out the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

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Of course they do -- just like me and you! Inside this playful and colorful book you will see all sorts of diverse babies with their mothers, all with one factor in common: Their mothers love them very, very much -- just like your mother loves you! Come right in and meet the family members -- the animal family, that is -- in words and photos by Eric Carle. From baby kangaroos, called joeys, to baby elephants, called calfs, every kind of animal attributes a mother.

"Yes!"Tremendously popular author/illustrator Eric Carle needs no introduction. A kangaroo features a mother."The response is constantly the same: a big colorful"YES! Just like me and you. In this Very Simple story, an unseen youngster asks variations on exactly the precise same question:"Does a lion/monkey/dolphin have a mother, too? Repetition could be the name from the game, here, simply because nothing comforts like reiteration. Readers wait eagerly for each and every new picture book--and nobody will probably be disappointed with this one."with the soothing reassurance that,"like me and you,"everyone has a mother.

Those on the verge of reading will enjoy the question and answer format, which is clearly produced to turn out to be study aloud. (Ages 2 to 7) --Emilie Coulter Carle's trademark collages are as colorful and luminous as those found in any of his other well-loved modern classics (including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Quiet Cricket) ; as usual, the illustrations are so good they're worthy of framing. A list with all the names of animal babies, parents, and groups is included--did you know that a group of bears is identified as a"sloth "? Or that a group of foxes is a"skulk "?


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